2017 Event Date:

Saturday, October 14, 2017

10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

The Boys and Girls Club

409 NE Anderson Road
Vancouver, WA 98665

Event Location

Guest Speaker

Laura Simmons

Laura Simmons works at Cairns Marine, one of the world's most highly regarded sustainable aquarium collectors.  Her role at Cairns is to oversee husbandry, develop new projects, and work with public aquarium colleagues.  Laura's major interests in the hobby include water chemistry, life support systems, disease identification/treatment, and facility maintenance.

Event Details

Get together with other reef aquarists in the Pacific Northwest for a day of shopping, education, conversation, raffles and contests.  Our festival will feature vendors from across the country.

2017 Vendor/Exhibits

Tanks for Teachers

Our Program

Tanks For Teachers is a program run by the Pacific Northwest Marine Aquarium Society.  We provide reef aquariums and the necessary supplies and livestock to schools throughout the Pacific Northwest for educational and classroom enrichment purposes.  A portion of every event that PNWMAS hosts goes to maintaining this great program.

Classroom Education

This classroom was studying the five different oceanic zones.

Support Tanks for Teachers

100% of all proceeds go towards providing and maintaining Tanks for Teachers